Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday - Sept 4 Three day week end

Here I am this morning. I've already walked 3 miles with my dog, had breakfast and now I'm ready to write. Why can't I get paid to do this? Mouth off. Speak my mind. Oh yea, who cares. However, there are those who started out on blogs and have gone on to become well known. Perhaps there is hope for the Queen of Ireland after all!

I had a little meltdown yesterday. I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions and was told "you no longer have insurance." I almost lost it right there. I came home and called the benefits coordinator at The Corporation - who is a delightful young woman - and she calmed me down. It was a matter of my paperwork hadn't gone through yet with COBRA. She took care of everything for me. Thank goodness.

I was really scared. This is what I panic about the most - no insurance. Especially as Mr. Lovejoy and I get older. Don't get me wrong, were are both still young and outstanding, it just takes a little longer to get going in the mornings. What if we didn't have insurance. What if one of us got sick, really sick. Would the burden fall to my children to care for us? Something has to be done about health insurance reform. I've paid a lot of money over the years and someone somewhere is rich because of it. I heard on NPR one morning the CEO of Cigna (my insurance) made, in his last year, $1.2 Billion. That's right $1.2 Billion.

I wonder, do you get up every morning when you are that rich, look in the mirror and say, " I just don't make enough money." How on this earth could, or should, anyone be making that much money. What is wrong with us? What about sport stars? Our priorities are all confused. People die in the streets here because of no insurance, or adquate health care.

Sorry, off track.

I worked on my resume a little bit. I keep dragging my feet. Not sure why. Maybe I'm afraid I'm not as good as I think I am. I believe that's it: I'm afraid. Afraid of what's out there and more importantly what's not out there. Am I ready for the brave new world? I guess I'm old fashioned and like staying with the same company. In today's market if someone is in a job for three years that is longevity. What happens to all the tribal knowledge accumulated over the years. Apparently there is no value in it anymore. Those of us who have been around the corporate world for many years still have a lot of great ideas. Just ask us. It is about the people.

It is about the shareholders but if you take care of your greatest assets, your employees and your communities, you'll get better product, goodwill and stock prices will increase, and shareholders will be happy. Corporations need to remember their employees are their greatest assets and manage accordingly.

I apologize if I repeat myself through these blogs. I'm very passionate about the worker bees. We make the big machine go.

On to what you have all been waiting for.

Corporate Bitches

I received over 30 emails from literally all over the US on different versions of the 'corporate bitch' and here is her profile. I did however receive one male 'corporate bitch'. It was funny but didn't qualify for the profile. Sorry.


1. 39 - 43 years of age - single; divorced or never been married.

2. educated

3. hates women but feigns friendship to get what they want - in otherwords, a back stabber.

4. bossy - not a relationship builder, has no time for frivilious friendships.

5. condescending - one reason they have no friends

6. manipulative - will befriend others for specific purpose. When they get what they want; friendship over.

7. manages by intimidation - a bully. Usually preys on the weak. Tries to make workers fear for their jobs.

8. will do anything for a man - again, only if they are someone with an important title. (The sad news in all this is men, 9 times out of 10, fall for it because she makes them look good. Shame on you. She'll get you too eventually.)

9. looks are everything - gives the appearance of success.

10. No real substance to them - a limited human being
(this comment came from someone on the east coast. Whew! They must have been really burned.)

11. has no loyalty - will rat anyone out if it will benefit her.

12. Power hungry - some regret not being born a man.

13. ineffective and cruel leader on all fronts.

In conclusion, if you know of a Corporate Bitch, stay the hell away from her. I can't tell you how many employees I have counseled on how to deal with this type of person. Unfortunately, when they stood up to their Corporate Bitch managers, they were, what? You guessed it, let go. Many of the emails said the same thing. I remember thinking about the Corporate Bitches I know and feeling very sorry for them. At least when I left The Corporation I still had, and have, many friends. When, and if, they ever leave, they will have nothing. Maybe some business connections but that's about it.

I know it isn't fair, they stay while good people leave. Again, it comes down to leadership - or the lack of it. You need those at the top who not only know business, but know people as well. I am a firm believer in Karma and it will come around. I promise.

I'm going to finish my resume and take another on-line webinar from RightChoice called Negotiating for what you want. I'll let you know how it goes.




  1. Hit that nail on the head! Wow....I've meet some of these in the past few years....

  2. :) Ha! I agree with Grant. No need to say why. It's funny and sad.