Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 3 - afternoon metaphore

I'm happy to report the introduction of the puppy to the lake went very well -- for both of us.

Before I go any further I have been horribly remiss in my duties as a partner in life by not recognizing Mr. Lovejoy in all of this. He is my hero. When I came home on that dreadful day, he met me at the door and said, "Remember two things: 1. Change is good, and 2. Every thing's gonna be alright. (he loves reggae). Today he bought me flowers for our 15th anniversary and we're going to a lovely dinner this evening. He is wonderful. And my children have all been calling everyday to check on me. Love you all.

Okay back to the topic. Watching the puppy play, approaching the water with caution and trying to figure out just what it was before diving right in, was a wonderful experience. She never showed fear but always caution and proceeded in a little deeper. Maybe I need to do the same. Go slow but proceed without fear. I've read all the Ekart Tolle books, and I love them, and I try to live in the moment all the time but holy crap, this morning I couldn't contain my thoughts. You know when one bad thought starts, then another and another and another until it is just one big giant stress ball of fear! Whew. So, I've calmed down and starting tomorrow only positive thoughts - I might fall down once in a while so don't hold me firmly to this thought.

I've received amazing emails and phone calls from all kinds of wonderful people I know. How can I fail with all of this positive energy and belief surrounding me. I am so honored by all of you who have called with your support. Thank you.

I'm tired today after my time at the beach so I'm going to quit for now. Beginning tomorrow I'll tell you my game plan and then relay another corporate america story from the worker bee perspective.

sleep well,



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  1. My most lovely Kate,

    I am so, so proud of you. You are magnificent. To be honest, the most difficult and terrible times of my life led to the most amazing transformations for me, personally and professionally. I KNOW - I have no doubt at all -that you are going to have something fantastic come your way. And you will deserve it. I ONLY WISH Buttercuppity was farther along so I could snap you up myself. No interview, no discussion, just me begging for you to please start ASAP!!